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Article Belonged to One of Crew of Foundered Submarine F-4

Two years after the submarine USS F-4 foundered, a brush supposedly inscribed "R.L.Cooke USS F-4" was found washed up on shore. A newspaper article described the finding of the brush and erroneously reported that "Chief Electrician Cooke was lost when the F-4 foundered during diving operations off Honolulu". All 21 crew members perished (see articles below). Doc's submarine was actually the USS K-7 (SS-38)...obviously there was some wear to the brush and the K-7 was mistaken for an F-4.


About the USS K-7

About the USS F-4

"F-4 was one of the first submarines assigned to the new naval facility at Pearl Harbor in the years prior to World War I. On March 25, 1915, the submarine vanished on routine patrol, and was later discovered a mile off Fort Armstrong, 300 feet underwater.

No one had ever salvaged a vessel from such a depth before, and Navy attempts proved fruitless for several months. One diver was later awarded the Medal of Honor for rescuing another diver at the crushing depths. Finally, using specially constructed pontoons, the submarine was raised on August 31, 1915 and towed to Pearl Harbor.

After so many months underwater, only four of the 21 dead aboard the submarine could be identified. The 17 remaining bodies were sealed in four caskets and shipped to Arlington National Cemetery, where they were buried in a common grave. The headstone, the size of an individual marker, is marked simply '17 Unknown U.S. Sailors Victims of the USS F-4 March 25 1915.'"

"USS F-4 (SS-23) was christened SKATE and was renamed F-4 on 17 November 1911.Joining the 1st Submarine Group, Pacific Torpedo Flotilla, F-4 participated in the development operations of that group along the west coast, and from August 1914, in Hawaiian waters. During submarine maneuvers off Honolulu on 25 March 1915 she sank in 51 fathoms, 1 1/2 miles from the harbor. Despite valorous efforts of naval authorities at Honolulu to locate the missing boat and save her crew, all 21 perished."

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